What expects you

You bring a lot with you, and we give you a lot in return

Through the conjunction of strategy- and implementation competence, we belong to the relevant circle of solution- and implementation-experienced management consultants. This claim determines the high requirements which we set for our future colleagues.

We offer you excellent career- and development opportunities. TYSKE BRYGGEN is a dynamic consultancy that wishes to grow together with you.
Your education and professional experience determine your entry as a consultant with TYSKE BRYGGEN. Your career chances by TYSKE BRYGGEN are determined by you.

Consultants who contribute above average to the business’ success will have the opportunity to become “partner” at TYSKE BRYGGEN and to have a stake in the company.

We work in teams, because according to our experience, first class customer solutions arise only when a group of experts develops it together. The principle of our team work is sharing knowledge with colleagues and customers.

Your personal contribution to the team’s success is decisive for your progress and the associated compensation, according to the motto: “the best one is up front”.

You bring a lot with you – we will give you a lot in return.

"Learn to swim instead of waiting for the tide."
Chinese proverb