How you develop

The personal development of each TYSKE BRYGGEN consultant is distinguished by own initiative

TYSKE BRYGGEN consultants develop continuously in their competence and sector fields. Early on, they design new service offerings together with their team colleagues. This way they get to know the demands of our customers and expand the respective field/sector of TYSKE BRYGGEN together with us.

As a consultant you are forced to learn more and faster than in any other professional activity. Nevertheless, you will never know better than your customers: this requires much empathy. TYSKE BRYGGEN regularly supports the development of its consultants by trainings which are tailored to the colleague’s experience. We deploy experienced consultants and external experts as trainers.

The personal development of a consultant is most effectively promoted in projects. Our customers engage our services especially because our consultants are not restricted in their thinking to one single sector. In the course of the project work, colleagues pass on their experiences. The best training is on the job.

From co-working in a mixed consultant- and customer-teams to a project leader and partner: there are no limits to development. The leading tasks of a consultant are getting more and more challenging: from leading a work-team and the leadership of projects to taking responsibility over a sector and/or a service field. We let you grow in and with these tasks!

"People become capable by practicing more than by their nature."