Central functions and areas of service

Too often, the costs for staff- and service areas rise faster than the costs for the operation units

The problem is not new; however, although it is serious, it is not often addressed. Many banks have more than 50% of their costs in the overhead departments, as the business process optimization cannot handle the diversified staff- and service tasks, and the alternative of cost-cutting meets friend and foe alike and faces acceptance issues. This failure of the classical optimization instruments often leads to fallback procedures such as, e.g., outsourcing.

Together with our customers, we optimize the central functions and service areas by re-defining the respective objectives and tasks, as well as necessary performances and resources needed for fulfilling the task in the frame of a multi-layered procedure for the areas under investigation.

Our starting point is not the is-situation (performances, capacities, procedures); rather, we re-define the affected central functions and service areas. Each existing unit in the organisation needs to justify the resources it needs afresh (following the principle of the reversal of the burden of proof). Experiences and data from the is-situation are certainly used, however, in order to avoid possible difficulties arising from a pure ‘green field approach’.

"We can overcome gravitation, but we will never overcome paperwork."
Wernher von Braun