Hospital check

Creates transparency for targeted optimization measures

Hospitals currently face fundamental decisions, namely, how to meet high financial requirements and, at the same time, which course to set for the next decade. Current challenges are, among others, flexible building structures and -organization (process planning instead of room planning), tight finances (require economic and effective structures), future-compliant market strategy and effective allocation of resources. Security of planning, under consideration of the hospital’s global orientation, is of crucial importance to the decision makers.

With the hospital check we help our customers to create the necessary transparency as a basis for essential decisions. For this purpose we establish the interconnection of procedures, structure and risks and their economic impacts. The result-oriented analysis focuses on the essential control leverage. External comparisons and internal analyses are combined for this purpose such that the gap between best practice and the is-situation can be closed. Sector-specific experiences enable a focused procedure with view for the essential – this way results can be achieved quickly with only a minimal project risk.

"Wisdom begins with acknowledging the facts."