Growing and securing the future with innovation and new business ideas
– increasing value and overcoming crises

This is what TYSKE BRYGGEN INDUSTRY stands for, with tailor-made concepts and hands-on quality. Recognizing and anticipating changes in an increasingly ‘flat’ world, grasping new chances, averting risks, and overcoming crises – these are crucial tasks of management. TYSKE BRYGGEN supports you in these tasks with sector-specific expertise and know-how of the market, and with methods which are based on longstanding consulting and management experience of its consultants.

Our consulting focuses on medium-sized and owner-operated businesses in the manufacturing industry.

We identify new markets and business fields and make business models more successful. Developing market entry strategies, we support the implementation process and monitor the project’s progress. This way we secure your success.

Growth and profit decisively need technical innovation and entrepreneurship to recognize abilities and to transform them into success in the market. For this purpose, research and development have to be coordinated with the market’s demands and with the own business goals right from the start of an innovation process.

To achieve this we evaluate the R&D portfolio with respect to sales- and margin potential, and monitor a successful market entry in time.

However, plans for growth will remain only plans without a solid, economic foundation and a stable running business to provide profit, liquidity, and capital to financial growth.

We identify the financial potentials in the balance sheet and P&L statement and generate it in a compact process. We improve the equity ratio, ensure that the finance structure is more secure and less costly, and raise profitability. As a result, your company is much more valuable.

In cases of difficult economic situations of the company, TYSKE BRYGGEN’s experienced consultants push ahead the restructuring- or turnaround process.

Based on the analysis of a crisis’ urgency, the turnaround process starts immediately to stop cash drain and operational losses and start the new business with a more successful business model. If required, we search for capital or an acquisition partner.

This way, the crisis can become a chance for a successful future of the business and for securing value for the stakeholders.

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress."
Thomas A. Edison