Optimize the service process with respect to customers – re-dimension capacities – achieve ambitious revenue goals – overcome crises

The organism ‘company’ tends to grow uncontrollably, to consume too many resources, and to draw away from customers’ demands. The symptoms appear slowly but then continue in an increasing, negative dynamic. Turnover stagnates or declines, revenues are reached only in top years, and liquidity is stressed. Not taking consistent counter-steps might lead in many cases to a crisis.

This is why the first signs of stagnation or reverse development of key business parameters should be used for an objective analysis  and for actions to be taken.
In case of an acute crisis, i.e., upcoming insolvency, only urgency methods for a turnaround can remedy the situation. Together with all internal and external sources we then examine how worthy and able the company is for reorganization and, should the result be positive, stabilize the liquidity situation in a minimum of time. This is followed by the comprehensive process of identifying and removing the causes. This way, the acute threat is removed; however, without structural changes and without realistic, challenging goals the company is still jeopardized. This is where TYSKE BRYGGEN’s experience in shaping business dynamics for growth and profit comes in, to turn the crisis into a chance.

"He who can impose measures upon himself, can impose measures upon others." Confucius