Risk management

Risk management is an essential component of leading a value-oriented company
– also for mid-sized companies

The activities taken by mid-sized companies to consolidate risk management have increased significantly over the previous years. Such activities have considered both internal requirements, regarding the aspect of risk provisioning out of the obligation of the company management towards investors and employees, as well as external requirements.

Most companies, however, still lack risk management which looks at different risks in an interconnected manner and which integrates gained information into the monitoring/management functions. Especially for mid-sized companies it is important to ensure the necessary balance between bureaucratic over-regulation and economic benefit.

We support our customers in the critical evaluation of the existing risk management modules and their effectiveness. A respective reporting system to the board or stakeholders can also be included, if so desired. The key issues are always the economic effectiveness, the realistic practicability, and the organizational anchoring of risk management.

"It is likely that unlikely things should happen."