Company value

Raise your company value with the „Value Generator”

Raising the company value sustainably is a managerial core task and requires a holistic approach. The structure of the balance sheet, revenues, and costs and the business model should be examined within a compact process.

The leading questions are:

  • Are the fixed assets really necessary and are they profitable?
  • Are the inventories adequate in comparison to the competitors and to ‘best of class’ companies with a similar business model?
  • Are the volume and costs of the debt capital adequate also for the growth of the company and for potential crises?
  • Is it desirable to raise more equity and thus reduce debt capital?
  • Can the turnover and/or margins be increased within the scope of the business to date?
  • Do capacities correspond to current and future demands, or should they be adjusted?
  • Can cost reducing potentials be detected in the existing expenditures?
  • Is the controlling system working for executive monitoring of the business?

Our ‚Value Generator‘ creates for you an overview of potentials and demand for actions  in a first quick check. Having this knowledge, you can then decide on the steps and activities necessary to raise the company value.

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