Marketing & Sales

Increase your sales efficiency – make your marketing control more effective
– optimize the margin

The structures and processes of marketing and sales have grown historically. But the conditions of competition, the market demands, and the decision makers are changing continuously.

We focus the marketing- and sales organization on customer demand and time efficiency, realize potentials for growth in turnover and margins, and optimize costs.

The key questions for evaluating the current performance of marketing/sales are:

  • How can sales efficiency be measured and is it already known? Does sales know its customers and the current decision-makers, and what is the quality of its customer loyalty?
  • What is the customer’s view of the company, sales, products, and service? Are the sales people mainly working for customer relations or for administration?
  • How are costs and motivation controlled/monitored? Are costs sufficiently coordinated with the sales goals and is the budget adequate?
  • Do you know the potentials for raising margins, and are they tapped and monitored consistently, e.g., in regard to pricing, monitoring underperformer, and by up- and cross-selling?

Our services:

  • Adjusting processes, structures, and dimensions of sales and marketing to the market demands
  • Evaluating and raising sales’ efficiency
  • Introducing sales’ monitoring and controlling as a management instrument
  • Target group-oriented marketing
  • Developing and implementing concepts for raising margins
  • Reviewing and optimizing the existing pricing strategy

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
In this life we get nothing save by effort." Theodore Roosevelt